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10 Great Netflix Original Movies You Can Stream Right Now

In the span of just a few short years, Netflix has gone from just a distributor of material from various major studios to a heavyweight provider of original content. With their target of 80 original films to be released throughout this year almost fulfilled, there’s no signs that it will be slowing its efforts anytime soon. In that vast library of films already available online, there’s a list of 10 Netflix titles that deserve your immediate attention, should you be interested in seeing the best of what the red envelope’s streaming service has to offer. Check your popcorn inventory and make the following list your priority for your next Netflix movie binge!

Gerald’s Game

The first of two Stephen King adaptations on their platform, Mike Flannigan’s Gerald’s Game takes a King tale that not too many people are familiar with and turns it into an exercise in cinematic tension. Told through part real time narrative/part flashbacks, Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood star in this story of a wife who, through indulging her husband’s kinky sex game, finds herself trapped in a life or death situation. Both her body, as well as her mind, are tested, and Gugino carries this film like a champ, with Greenwood assisting her in a fantastic supporting turn.


Since we started out with a Stephen King adaptation, it feels right to continue down the path and mention that the other Netflix project from that famed author’s canon, 1922, is another fine addition to their streaming library. While Gerald’s Game is a bit flashier, this project starring previous King collaborator Thomas Jane engages in a slow-burn drama of guilt and the supernatural, as Jane’s Wilf murders his wife to take possession of her family’s farm. Slowly, Wilf and his son start to see the consequences of those actions manifest in some peculiar ways, leading to an ending that’s pretty damned chilling. Your patience will be rewarded if you partake in 1922.

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