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A day in the life of Amanda Rabor, kidswear founder – Pride Magazine

Welcome to Work Daze – a day in the life of a black woman doing great things in the workplace and making waves in her industry, her own way. This month, we hear from Amanda Rabor, who juggles the organisation of ‘Mini Mode’, a children’s Fashion Week, with her own kidswear brand Isossy Children. Doing it for fashion, and doing it for the kids – we salute her!

Name: Amanda Rabor

Age: 45

Occupation: Founder of Mini Mode – London’s Premier Kids Fashion Week and Isossy Children

City you live in: London

Life motto: ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m Possible’ – Audrey Hepburn; ‘With God, nothing is impossible’ – Luke 1-37


5.30am – 7.30am: My wakeup time varies, but it’s usually early. I generally don’t set an alarm, because without rest I don’t function well. Once I am awake, I practice gratitude by giving thanks, try and read or do something positive, like listen to or read something, which feeds my spirit. And then, it’s straight onto emails and social media. Sometimes it’s the other way around – I have to control the urge….

8.00am: I’ve always exercised, so I do Pilates 2-3 times a week in the morning. I’ll mostly do the 8am class in Notting Hill, I love it! I drink green smoothies almost every day, so I’ll grab one from the fridge and drink it on my way to the class, while catching up with the world news. Pilates is about control, discipline and breathing, which I enjoy. I arrive back at around 9.30am to prepare for the office.

9.30am – 11am: I have a home office, so depending on the day, I work from there for a while; it’s totally quiet and I can focus. I’ve generally been on my business communications since morning, so I just periodically check up on things. By now, I’ve checked in with the team and my assistant to discuss focuses for the day, so that we’re all focused and working with clarity. I tend to eat breakfast late.

11am: I tend to schedule telephone meetings from the late afternoon until about 1 or 2 ‘o clock in the afternoon, but depending on the time zones, calls can be as late at 5 or 6pm. I prefer to speak during the day because I’m more ‘on it’. Working on Mini Mode takes me global, which I love.

2pm: This is when I get hungry again, so if I’ve been organised I might have something I’ve prepared – or if not, I have to find something to eat last minute. I’m a bit of a picker sometimes so I rarely eat a meal at this time, I’m more of a canned fish in olive oil dropped into a salad bowl kind of girl. The office team love me…!

3 – 6pm: Mini Mode requires a lot of planning. I spend a lot of time doing research on the internet and liaising with brands, sponsors and performers etc. I have to ensure that everything keeps moving and that we are prepared and ready for whatever comes our way. I work on multiple projects, which I love – so my days are spent working between them. When Mini Mode is approaching, so is the next season for my children’s-wear label Isossy Children. I am busy organising the event as well as preparing my collections. Somehow it works well, but of course there are times that I have to put in consistently long hours. I don’t mind this at all because it serves a purpose: my life purpose.

7pm: I work closely with my sister and my son at the moment, so it is important that we take time out together. This usually involves going into town to our favourite spots, eating and having drinks. Working with my family is everything.

10 – 12pm: Downtime. Now is when I spend time watching TV and researching, reading or just relaxing. It depends on the day to be honest, but I’m fulfilled. 

Amanda Rabor is the Founder of Mini Mode – London’s Premier Kids Fashion Week, which will take place on 15th September 2018 during London Fashion Week. She also founded clothing brand Isossy Children.

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