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Mermaid-inspired products have been an ongoing trend in the market recently and this newly launched product by KG Beauty also goes on that track. What makes is stand out though is that it does not only features mermaid-inspired colors but also serves as a source of help for some sea creatures.

As reported in Popsugar, the indie makeup brand’s mermaid palette donates an amount for each of their sale to The Marine Mammal Center. This KG Beauty Palette is being sold at $36 and for every purchase $1 will be given to the chosen center.

The center was said to be a non-profit veterinary research hospital and mainly rescues and rehabilitates ill and injured marine mammals. Marine Mammal Center is located in Sausalito, California.

This mermaid palette, according to Allure, has been popping up in Instagram newsfeed lately. The KG Beauty palette features a sparkly scale print and once opened has an illustration of a mermaid with nine holographic tail. The pretty pigmented eye shadows are placed in shell designed pans with quirky names such as “Vitamin Sea” and “Call Me on My Shell Phone.” KG Beauty Mermaid Palette is currently available for pre-order.

Other than the KG Mermaid Palette, Saucebox Cosmetics also launched their Mermaid Life Palette ($70), as reported in Allure. The palette was reported to come in a big seashell shape with a magical mermaid cover design. When flipped open, it contains seven shimmery eye shadows and two highlighters that comes in huge pans similar to the Guerriero Glow Kit by Anastasia Nicole. Both are said to be best paired with Katy Perry’s new CoverGirl collection which includes a fish-shaped contour brushes.

Just like KG Beauty’s palette, the inside design of the Mermaid Life Palette is also a work of art. It is also as inspiring as the first one as the package of the palette is made of recycled materials which makes it not only beauty friendly but environment as well.


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