We at ELLE.com love a weird Instagram pose, and the latest one populating on our feeds is giving everyone a headache. Well, it’s making everyone deliberately look like they have a headache. And it’s damn flattering.

Migraine Pose, coined by makeup artist Nam Vo, involves posing with one or two hands pulling your face up by your temples as if you had a, well, migraine. There’s a reason it’s trending: The pose tightens the face, makes your cheekbones look more prominent, and lifts the brows. It’s a temporary facelift for the ‘gram.

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“I love it because the beauty of your hands frame the face and give it more structure. I always make my models pose this way,” Vo told me, “It’s also a great time to show off your manicure.” #Priorities.

One early adopter of migraine pose is Kylie Jenner, who did it on her Love magazine cover back in December (Vo did her makeup for it. Probably not a coincidence).

Kylie’s sister Kendall, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and more models and influencers are all on board. See more examples, ahead—anyone need Advil?

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