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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet & Aqua Laque Reviews + Swatches – Sonrista Beauty Blog

I can’t believe that it’s been ONE MONTH since I last posted something! I got so caught up with school that I decided not to write any blog posts until I felt comfortable with my school workload!

With that being said, I am glad to be back! Let’s get on with this week’s review!


(Top to Bottom: #02 Rosé on the rocks, #03 Brun’croyable,  #01 Personne ne rouge!)

This week I will be reviewing Bourjois’s Rouge Edition line! Here I have both the lip gloss and the liquid lipstick!



I bought these for about $7 a piece from this amazing makeup sale that a vendor had at my school. I purchased them thinking they were the same as the bottom one (the velvet one) and I was pretty bummed when I realized that I didn’t purchase the right one. I couldn’t return them so I decided to give them a try even though I am NOT really a LIP GLOSS FAN.  Here are some pros and cons about this lip gloss:


  • NOT sticky. At all.
    • When applied to the lips, it has this gel-like consistency that is super comfortable on the lips! NOT STICKY AT ALL!! 🙂
    • It also builds up really nicely if you want to build up the colour!
  • BLURS lip lines.
    • I find that this gloss completely blurs out my lip lines whenever I use it!
  • SUBTLE, GENTLE scent
    • It has a slight/subtle sweet scent that is not strong at all. I barely notice it.
    • The gel consistency makes it extremely comfortable on the lips.
    • The packaging is really sleek. I like how you can see the exact colour that you are getting right through the tube!


    • This does not last very long on my lips. Unless I wear lip balm underneath, this  lip gloss disappears within the hour for me!
  • NOT long lasting.
    • Since this lip gloss magically disappears on me, I find myself constantly re-applying it whenever I decide to wear it. This does NOT last through food.

Overall, I like the colours that I picked out. If you don’t mind constantly re-applying lip gloss (or wearing lip balm underneath the lip gloss), then there are definitely enough pros for me to recommend this! As a anti-lip gloss wearer, I am surprised by how much I actually like this!

I rate this 7/10! 🙂



I bought at Marshalls for an amazing deal! It came with with this liquid lipstick, a gold coloured liquid eyeliner, a kohl eyeliner, a makeup bag, and a primer sample for about $8!! THE LIPSTICK ALONE RETAILS FOR $24 CAD so it was a REALLY GOOD DEAL.


    • Dries down to a comfortable velvet-matte finish. It’s not too drying as long as your lips are moisturized enough prior to applying the liquid lipstick. Also, if you have a small dry spot on your lips, no worries, this will NOT emphasize it! 🙂
  • BOLD.
    • The colour comes out SUPER OPAQUE and layers very nicely if you decide to layer it.
  • SUBTLE scent
    • As with the lip gloss, it has a slight/subtle scent that is not too strong. I don’t mind it however, this one smell does remind me a bit of paint whereas the gloss had more of a sweeter, more pleasant scent to it. If you do mind the scent, this might be a con for you.
    • This liquid lipstick is TRANSFER PROOF once it’s dried and will survive greasy foods! If you do decide to eat a lot greasy foods while wearing this lipstick, it will fade a bit but in a really nice way! If you avoid eating greasy foods, it will take significantly longer for the lipstick to fade!
    • As with the lip gloss, I like how you can see the colour right through the bottle and know exactly what colour you’re are getting before you purchase it.


    • If you don’t have micellar water, oil or really good makeup remover wipes, then this will be very difficult to remove! You have to immediately dispose of the whatever you decide to remove it with (ex. the makeup remover wipe) because if you get ANY of the liquid lipstick on the counter, your arm, the mirror, etc. then it will be very stubborn and difficult to remove from there since it transfers when it’s a liquid again. (Though it WILL eventually come off!)
    • As a fan of affordable makeup, I would highly suggest waiting for a sale if you decide to buy this!!

Aside from the removal difficulties, this is my absolute FAVOURITE liquid lipstick! I would definitely buy this in more colours!!!

I rate this a 9/10! 🙂


(Top to Bottom: #02 Rosé on the rocks, #03 Brun’croyable,  #01 Personne ne rouge!)




Annd that’s all!! I will definitely look into other Bourjois products and try them out in the future!

Come back next week for a review on an overnight Korean face mask!!!

– Caramel


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