In the early ’90s, when Alicia Silverstone was 18, she played one of cinema’s best dressed characters, Cher Horowitz in Clueless. She revealed to Entertainment Tonight this weekend, during a Clueless screening in Los Angeles, that she did actually get to take some of the clothes home with her…and then ended up tossing them.

“I remember a funny story was that I, you know at that time of my life, I wore jeans and a green t-shirt every single day and that was it,” the now-40 year old actress started. “I just didn’t get fashion at all. I was just kind of a tomboy and I just wasn’t into it, so when we had the [Clueless] fittings, I was just like, ‘What is going on? Why am I in these fittings for so long?’ And I just didn’t get it until I saw the movie and I was like, ‘Oh I get it! The costumes are the star of the movie!'”

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“I took so much of the clothes, and I’m really sad because I don’t have any of them anymore because like a ding dong, I got home with all the clothes and then I was like, ‘How am I going to wear these Mary Janes now out so I just gave a lot of it away so I don’t have any of it. Yeah, but I had a lot of it.”

Silverstone also discussed what mean girl she knew inspired the way she played Horowitz—and touched on her and the girl’s relationship now:

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