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daniel rotmensch carefully restores villa margarit in barcelona

daniel rotmensch has carefully restored ‘villa margarit’ in barcelona, to create a contemporary living space filled with natural light. the design brief called for a unique and distinctive residence to be formed within the existing building, which was originally built in 1903, while also in retaining the appropriate relevance of the typical barcelona neighborhood context.

a natural vertical garden and heated swimming pool can be found at the rear of the house

all images courtesy of daniel rotmensch



the main challenge for rotmensch was to create a design that increased the amount of light entering the rooms, creating a more open living space, compensating for the building’s lack of height. in response to this, the designer has envisioned an open floor plan, connecting rooms and bringing natural light in and achieving more flexibility than the traditional rooms. the result is a modern and luxurious duplex apartment with high tech features that perfectly reflects the main design concept while integrating the client’s own touch.

the open plan concept brings more natural light into the rooms while creating a more flexible space



the building has been skilfully restored to ensure the preservation of the original brick façade, lobby and hallways, with the classic mosaic design of the original tiles and grand staircase. while the interior of the apartment has been created in a wholly contemporary style, these elements of the original building which have been retained, create a successful relationship between the old architecture and the new intervention.

view of the kitchen and dining area

the dining space looking out to the open-plan living area

skylights connect the interior with the outdoors and bring light into the living room space

the façade of the building was stripped to it’s original brick



project info:


project name: ‘villa margarit’

project location: barcelona, spain

design: daniel rotmensch


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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