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Fashion Nova Accused Of Editing Model’s Crotch To Look ‘Smoother’ In Lace Suit

The drama of the fashion realm never ceases.

Previously, fashion retailer Boohoo was accused of making a size 10 model appear slimmer by editing her waist. Zara also became the center of mockery after fans noticed its models executing over-the-top poses to market the brand’s outfits.

Now, Fashion Nova has become the talk of the town. Customers have noticed that the brand might have photoshopped its model’s crotch for an Instagram image that promotes its ‘Lace Lace Baby Pant Set’. The sheer bodysuit is made out of black lace and has long sleeves.

The bodysuit sports a high-cut from the crotch to the waist area, thereby exposing model Yodit Yemane’s hips and leaving behind just enough fabric to cover her nether regions. It didn’t take long for fans to notice that the model’s crotch might have been photoshopped to look smooth and “contained.”

One Instagram user wrote, “The pantie part is photoshopped or at least it looks like it.” This is not the first time Fashion Nova has found itself in an editing brouhaha.

A Twitter user found an image of its model donning a risqué lingerie that exposes her bosom, which strangely appears to be missing nipples. Another Twitter user shared an image of a model that has been doctored to look like a “Sims character” with tiny waist and curvy hips.

[via Popbuzz, opening image via Fashion Nova]

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