Reinvention is arguably the key to keeping the flames of stardom lit, and Celine Dion has managed to add fuel to her own sartorial fire in recent years. At 49 years old, the five-time Grammy winner had never before really been associated with the fashion crowd, but recently she’s had us tapping out credits that include a list of designers any stylist would kill for.

So when did her makeover commence? As many unforgettable style moments do, it all seems to have started on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, where in 2016 Dion dazzled in a metallic gold dress from a relatively unknown Russian designer, Valentin Yudashkin which she paired with and sky-high Saint Laurent pumps for an emotional performance that proved she was prepared to be back on top.

Her secret weapon, it seems, is Law Roach, the stylist behind Zendaya’s cool-girl look. Roach has successfully convinced the Canadian singer to not just wear classically minimalist designers like Jil Sander, but also fuse her look with in-the-know, streetwear favorites, like Off-White by Kanye West’s dear pal Virgil Abloh.

In 2017, the fashion icon, who’s about to drop a fresh new lifestyle collection at Nordstrom, has continued to both hit the city streets and stage to deliver one standout look after the next.

Take a look at major style moments that have defined Dion’s new look, below. There’s clearly a new Celine in our eyes, and that’s the way it is.

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