It will come as no shock to you that Emily Ratajkowski—who is never not in a bikini—is currently in a bikini. But, there’s something about the model’s latest snap that stands out. It’s like sexy insouciance come to life, and we can’t stop staring.

In a sizzling white two-piece, the model poses against a sun-splashed wall. She’s casually holding a can of something frosty in one hand, and her mussed hair says: I woke up from a poolside catnap like this.

Being Emily freaking Ratajkowksi, she has an enviable golden tan. And her sepia sunglasses and layered necklaces add a hint of hippy-style flair. But, what we love about this snap above all is Emrata’s casual lean.

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Her stance sends a clear message to the work week that was: I’m off the clock now, baby. In other words, Ratajkowki is all of our #currentmoods this Friday evening.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, may you find your inner Emrata.


[MUSIC] It feels amazing to be on the cover InStyle US, especially with my dear friend Laura Brown at the helm and the March issue I cant’ really believe it. [MUSIC] If I could give my younger self any advice it would just be to be less worried about what your wearing, and you know how your hair looks, more just about connecting with people. I think you can 100% be a feminist and still love fashion. I think you can also be feminist and not love fashion. Feminism is about choices and women deciding what they want. [MUSIC]

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