Perpetually handsome man Ryan Reynolds is making the media rounds supporting his role as notably less-handsome anti-hero Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2. This is very good news for style fans, because Reynolds has one hell of a knack for outfits that manage to feel entirely approachable but still special.

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The latest example of his ‘fit-building skills was on display today in London. Take a look:

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While the bomber/Harrington hybrid jacket is great, and the jeans fit him perfectly, the real star of this look is that shirt. It’s just bold enough to bring things to a whole new level, but not so loud that you can’t look away. Or, put another way: It’s exactly the kind of throwback-inspired printed shirt pretty much every guy could work into his warm-weather wardrobe.

And luckily, you’re able to do just that. Because the shirt is available right now from Saturdays NYC.


SHOP $175,

Our advice? Grab one for yourself right now. Wear it under a jacket while the weather’s still mild, then throw it on over a tee when things warm up. It’ll be your summer style secret weapon.

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