October 29, 2017 @ 4:45 PM

It can be universally agreed upon that leggings are the cornerstone of any workout wardrobe. But leggings outside the gym? That can get contentious. (Remember the whole “Leggings aren’t pants” movement that broke the Internet a few years back?) 

VIDEO: How to Get Legs Like Sofia Vergara


However! Things are starting to change. Leggings in substantial fabrications like denim and leather read more classic Versace and less yoga class at Equinox. Indeed, leggings are evolving and perhaps our opinion of them should too. Find the right pair, and you’ve scored what will hands-down be your most comfortable go-to this season.

Scroll down to check out cool upgraded leggings that are sure to inspire a ton of outfit ideas. How about pairing a suede pair with a chunky ribbed sweater (try this one from VICI)? Perfect for fall!

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