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Free Webinar on the Adlam Alphabet from Monotype

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Free Monotype Webinar on the Adlam Alphabet

More than two decades ago, two young brothers from a small town in Guinea, Ibrahima & Abdoulaye Barry, invented a new alphabet to better represent the sounds of Fulani, their native tongue. Their effort to introduce the new alphabet began with the local population before spreading to other areas in Guinea and crossing borders into neighboring countries where Fulani languages are also spoken. As their success became evident, the brothers realized that this new alphabet — the Adlam alphabet — had to be supported on computers if it was to survive…

Join us for this Monotype free webinar on ‘A New Alphabet’ to hear the story of the Adlam alphabet and how it has made its way from village to digital devices. The webinar will introduce you to how 21st-century alphabets are sustained and how one particular font of the world was created and translated from analog to digital. Even if you can’t attend the live presentation on November 28 at 1pm ET — you will receive access to the recorded webinar for free if you register

adlam alphabet webinar

A Jet-Setting Presenter

For more than two decades, Kamal Mansour has worked on the typography of many languages around the globe. Over the past six years, Kamal has played a leading role in the Google Noto Font project whose goal is to create fonts for all the languages of the world.

With Kamal in ‘A New Alphabet,’ you will:

+Learn the fascinating story of how an alphabet becomes available digitally…

+Chart the progression of the Adlam alphabet from remote village to worldwide web…

+Gain insight into how fonts from all over the world are created…

Register now for this free webinar from Monotype: A New Alphabet with Kamal Mansour on Wednesday, November 28, at 1PM ET!

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