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Holika Holika Honey Sleep Pack Review – Sonrista Beauty Blog

I was strolling around the Winners beauty clearance section one day when I spotted this overnight face mask. Now at the time, I was looking for a hydrating face mask for my oily skin however, I had planned on checking out reviews for some first so that I wouldn’t buy a dud product. When I saw this, I read the packing and it said that it was made in Korea.

In case you have been living under a rock, Korea knows how to do skincare. They are very well known for it. For this reason, I decided to take a risk (and take advantage of the sale) so I bought this with very high hopes since it seemed to fit the type of product I was looking for. I happy to say that I am very pleased with my decision!


The Holika Holika Honey Sleep Pack retails for $18 on their website however, I bought mine for $7 at Winners! There are 3 different kinds according to their website & I happened to have bought the blueberry. The product comes in a glass bottle with a yellow plastic lid and 90ml of product (which is a lot in this case!) It has a very pleasant light sweet scent to it.

Now just so you know, I don’t have a lot of experience with overnight face masks so I don’t really have anything to compare this to. The first time I tried this product, I applied so little that my skin absorbed it very quickly and there was nothing for me to wipe away with water in the morning. (The instructions say to remove excess product that survived the night with just water in the morning)

I have since found the best way to apply this product (for me) which is this way:

  1. Apply enough to spread all over the face as you would with a regular moisturizer
  2. Let that sink in a little before you dab on a second layer
  3. “Spot treat” any drier patches of skin or areas that could use more hydration by gently dabbing more product where needed

Now after using this product for over a month, I have to say I REALLY like it!!


Here’s why:

  1. GEL CONSISTENCY – As someone with extremely oily skin, I really do appreciate gel formulas whenever I use them since my skin really enjoys them. This kind of consistency makes it easy to build up the product over my drier skin areas without it feeling heavy. This also means that I am able to put this overnight mask on my lips without it feeling weird since I don’t like the feeling of creams on my lips… but this is a gel so my lips get the same benefits that the rest of my face does!
  2. PLUMPING – This definitely plumps up my face slightly. I didn’t notice it the first few times and when I did, I really didn’t like it at first since I have a round face. I have come to like it now since I noticed that the slight plumping effect really helps to smooth out any fine lines on my face (ESPECIALLY on my lips!) The Holika Holika website says that this blueberry one is suppose to “help skin to look supple” which might explain this plumping effect.
  3. LIP MASK – Whenever I want to apply liquid lipstick, I always like to make sure that they are as moisturized as possible so that they don’t dry out too bad on me throughout the day. Ever since I purchased this, I sometimes use this as only a “lip mask” instead of a full face mask since the aforementioned slight plumping effect works REALLY well at hydrating & smoothing out the fine lines on my lips.
  4. HYDRATING – As the packaging says, this really is hydrating. I noticed that if I apply enough product to my dry spots, they will NOT be dry the next day. This is amazing for someone who experiences dry patches during the winter since Canadian winters can be harsh sometimes. My skin really appreciates the extra boost of hydration.

Alright now that we have all the good stuff cleared out of the way…. I think I only have TWO CONS ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!


What would they be?

  1. STINGING – Now before you jump to conclusions, I only experienced stinging on my DRY PATCHES. These dry patches would be just under my nose, just under my bottom lip and sometimes between my eyebrows. I have never experienced stinging anywhere else. With this being said, if you have dry skin, this might be the deal breaker. The stinging wasn’t terrible since my dry patches are so small but if your whole face has drier skin, it could really sting. Because of this, I think I would only recommend this product to people with normal to extremely oily skin.
  2. PRODUCT ABSORPTION – By product absorption, I mean that if I apply a too little amount of product to my face, like I did the first time I used this product, it doesn’t do much and it is more of a moisturizer than an overnight mask since there would be no product left for overnight. You HAVE TO apply enough product to the face… Thankfully there is lots of product in the jar and a little goes a LONG WAY!


And I guess that’s all I really have to say about this! I really like it and I enjoy it very much!! I highly recommend this to people that have oiler skin like I do and experience the feeling of having dryness beneath the skin surface since I find that this helps with that as well!!

I rate this product a solid 9/10!! I would definitely repurchase this in the future!!


Until next time,

Caramel 🙂

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