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If you could only use one brand for lipstick, which could you commit to?

Temptalia Asks You

What a rude question — of all the categories, lipstick formulas come in so many varieties and are so good at so many brands! These days, some of my very favorite, go-to shades have been by Urban Decay, so I think at this moment in time, I have to give it them. Plus, I enjoyed their previous lipstick formulation, the current Vice Lipstick range, and they have a lot of variety in finishes + color so there’s a lot of variety to choose from! Other contenders: MAC (classic, tons of formulas), Bite (but I tend to like shimmery lipsticks, which they NEED but don’t have!), and Pat McGrath (great formulas but I need more color ranges and I’d like a luminous/pearl finish WITH high coverage).

— Christine

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