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Imaan Hammam Covers InStyle Magazine September 20181966 Magazine

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InStyle Magazine September 2018

Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite fit in? Do you wish to authentically dance to the beat of your own drum? Well then, the InStyle Magazine September 2018 issue is so for you!

It features supermodel, Imaan Hammam, as it’s cover girl for the month. Shot in gorgeous Cuba, Imaan dazzles in the leopard print trend by donning an ensemble by fashion label, Moschino. However, you will not want to just marvel at Imaan’s stunning cover. Dig inside as she talks about life, career, her heritage and how she finally feels free.

Beautiful Black Women: Imaan Hammam Covers InStyle Magazine September 2018

InStyle Magazine September 2018

Taking the modeling industry by storm is not easy. You have to have a certain essence, look, a … je ne sais quoi about yourself. Nevertheless, most models know that in order to “make it” they have to conform to a particular standard of beauty. Well, what if you don’t fit it?

InStyle’s September issue discusses just that. The mag released this statement in order to give a preview to their exclusive with Hammam:

“Throughout her seven years in fashion, model Imann Hammam has racked up a holy grail list of resume highlights. But nothing has shaped her career quite like the first time she let her now signature curls loose on the job.

‘Stylists would straighten my hair because they didn’t know how to work with my texture,’ the half Moroccan, half Egyptian beauty says of her early modeling days. ‘My hair was always damaged,’ she tells Allison Syrett on the cover of one of our special September subscriber issues.

Finally she had enough. ‘I was like, “You know what? I’m going to go natural for this test shoot.” And everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, Imaan, this is your look from now on… this is you!’”

Authenticity looks good on model, Imaan Hammam. After years of feeling insecure about being ‘the girl with the different hair and skin color,’ she’s never been more comfortable with herself.

And now she wants to show other girls that it’s okay not to fit in too; as she tells Allison Syrett in our September issue. ‘I’ve become a woman with a big platform. And I want to use it to help those facing  the same struggles I had.’ To see more from her shoot in beautiful Cuba and read the full story on how the [she] came into her own [see] the link.”

InStyle Magazine September 2018InStyle Magazine September 2018InStyle Magazine September 2018InStyle Magazine September 2018

Editorial Details

Photography by Vincent van Wijngaard

Fashion Styling by Julia von Boehm

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