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Introducing Cake Beauty! (And Body Products That Smell Like Dessert)

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Is there a sourdough-scented soap? A breadstick body butter? A rye loaf hand cream? To the best of my knowledge, most beauty products that smell like baked goods are of the sweet variety — cake, cookies, frosting.


I like sweet scents as much as the next Nutella lover, but there’s a fine line between juuuuuust sweet enough and gag-inducing.

Remember Jessica Simpson’s Dessert beauty line of edible products that was at Sephora about a billion years ago? It had lipglosses and body glitters and lotions you could eat? Even though I am THAT PERSON who shamelessly orders two desserts at dinner, every time I caught a whiff of one of the products I wanted to toss my cookies. They were too sweet for me, but lots of people loved them. (Side note: Apparently there weren’t enough people who loved them, though, because they were hit with a few lawsuits and subsequently went out of business.)

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to fragrances. One woman’s cloying is another woman’s perfection. Like, right now I’m into a kinda up-and-coming Canadian cruelty-free brand called Cake. They make dessert-scented body and hair products, and they’re coming soon to the U.S. in Rite Aid stores.

cake beauty
A few of my favorites from Cake Beauty, coming this month to Rite Aid.

I’ve been metaphorically devouring (because the products aren’t actually edible) the shampoo, conditioner (why do I love that it’s called a “creme rinse”?), body cream and the hand cream, and every time I sniff my hands or my hair I go YUM! — but I’m sure there’s someone out there who would totally barf instead. LOL!

Unsurprisingly, I like products that smell like things I’ll eat, so anything with caramel, vanilla and honey, but usually only if the products also have some bitter notes for balance, like coffee, dark chocolate or lemon…

Yes, I know I’m weird, ha ha.

Anything too artificially sugary, like strong buttercream, meringue or cotton candy, turns my stomach.

While we’re on the topic, how do feel about body products with a “milk” scent? Are you in the “love it” or “hate it” camp? I’m in the middle. I can take it in small doses, but my friend Cindy CANNOT stand anything that remotely smells like milk because she dated this dude once whose skin smelled like sour milk, and it ruined milk for her. But she’s all about green tea scents!

Yeah, you know someone’s a good friend when you know their fragrance loves and hates and why, ha ha!

Your friendly neighborhood neighborhood beauty addict,


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