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jasmine mariani converts an existing factory into a creative studio in bali

architect and designer jasmine mariani has transformed a former clothing factory into a creative work space in the indonesian island of bali. the concept behind the ‘kinship’ project focuses on preserving as much of the existing building as possible, in order to minimize the need for new interventions and form a connection between the old and new architecture. the resulting design creates an open, collaborative working environment, that has opened its doors to bali’s creative individuals.

view from the second floor of the ground level’s open-plan layout

all images courtesy of jasmine mariani



the design by mariani is based on low-waste construction methods and up-cycling existing materials. with this in mind, the existing internal two storey structure has been demolished and reused as the foundation for the new offices, while glass panels were carefully removed and reintegrated as new windows. plastered walls that had started to bubble and chip were sanded down to reveal a variety of colours and textures, later combined with freshly polished cement walls. old, faded plaster was sanded down to reveal pastel blues and greens, and combined with fresh white walls to house modern office units and an open plan co-working space.

downstairs, the transition from public to private is divided by furniture type, shared work areas evolve into privately allocated desks



in further support of the concept to preserve the existing building, the roof beam and truss system has been utilized to suspend a secondary beam layout, from which new lighting was suspended from, highlighting the industrial aesthetics of the new work space. additional light has also been introduced through the substitution of several opaque roof panels with transparent polycarbonate ones, allowing sunlight to enter through the 12m high ceiling.

the shape of the suspended lighting is reflected through the layout and formation of the work stations



the project was able to respect the existing structure whilst introducing modern offices, an open plan co-working area, a conference room, a photography studio, and a small cafe. the new bathrooms simply replaced the old ones by following existing plumbing and electrical plans, so as to minimize the installation of any new pipes and cables. the client’s choice in light coloured furniture, decoration and the inclusion of greenery brings warmth and life to a modern space, encouraging users to interact and collaborate with other visitors.

the entrance way leads to a small cafe, where members and non members can gather and meet

second floor level offices are accessed via a walkway, with metal framed glass doors and windows

the walkway is protected by a metal mesh barrier, which contributes to the overall industrial style of the project

a living room style lounge area invites users to relax and interact with each other, disconnecting from the typical workspace environment

the warm wooden furniture connects the different functional spaces throughout the project with its texture and contrast to the cool cement floor and low temperature lighting

work space view showing the exposed concrete wall and flooring

the location of the existing bathrooms was utilized to minimize plumbing and electrical interventions

the staircase steps are made of reinforced concrete blocks and are supported by delicate rods of subtly rusted metal

the entrance to kinship studio is identified by its signature orange columns, a colour repeated throughout the project amongst various elements



project info:


project name: ‘kinship’

project location: bali, indonesia

architect: jasmine mariani


designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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