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Jean-Louis David, French Hairstylist for the Modern Woman, Dies at 85

Mr. David was born on March 24, 1934, in Grasse, in southeast France, to a family of hairstylists. His parents, Marie-Louise (Gérôme) and Raoul David, were both hairstylists; his maternal grandmother, Germaine Gérôme, owned a salon in Grasse.

By age 15, Jean-Louis was working alongside his father at his salon in Cannes. He later took over his grandmother’s salon. At 20, he moved to Paris and worked at two high-profile salons, Carita and Gabriel Garland, before starting his own.

Mr. David’s marriages to Danielle Henriot-Decomis, Danièle Falke and Lynn Sutherland ended in divorce. In addition to his son Jean-Christophe, he is survived by his wife, Zhenya Xia, an artist; a daughter, Sophie David, who, like Jean-Christophe, is from Mr. David’s marriage to Ms. Henriot-Decomis; a son, Lindsay, and a daughter, Lesley David, from his marriage to Ms. Sutherland; and five grandsons. His sister, Huguette David, died last year.

In 2017, the Swiss financial magazine Bilan estimated Mr. David’s wealth to be between $100 million and $200 million.

His impact, which went beyond mere aesthetics, lingers, Ms. Falke said by email.

“His philosophy,” she wrote, was: “A woman should be able to comb herself and not come to the salon once a week. He liberated the women!”

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