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MAC Kajal Crayon: Better the Second Time Around…

mac kajal crayon
Track these babies down ASAP.

It just goes to show ya that it never hurts to give a product a second chance, because I did not care for the $23 MAC Kajal Crayons when they first launched in Diane Kendal, but I’m all about this new batch. I don’t know if MAC tweaked the formula, or if I’m just remembering things differently, but I think these are SO good — especially if you’re a smoky-eye-’til-I-die person like I am.

Basically, these are chubby liners/eyeshadows that adhere to water lines AND skin. You’re supposed to plop them on, then blow out the edges (a.k.a “smoke it the eff out”) using your fingers or a brush.

I like using the MAC 217 with them because I think I can feather out the edges more quickly with it than I can with a fluffier brush like the 224.

By the way, I softened the transition along the edge in this pic with Soft Brown and Saddle.

mac kajal crayon 2018
I’m wearing Dear Darling on my eyes, and the lip is MAC Liptensity in Smoked Almond (also worn as a blush on my cheeks).

Creamy pencils like these usually have a limited — I guess you could call it “shelf life” on your lids and water lines because of how easily they move. And the creamier they are, the more they move.

You can smudge these Kajal Crayons and smoke them out as much as you want, but once they’ve set, they stay put.

I mean, you don’t have all day long to make tight and tiny circles with your 217, but you get about five minutes, and for a messy, smoky eye using a single color, that’s usually enough time.

Another thing: You can layer these as much as you want to because they don’t go patchy.

mac kajal crayon 2018 swatches
I ❤️ these shades.

Have I mentioned that these are great? 😀

Unfortch, they’re sold out on the MAC website, but your local counter might still have them.

Also, I can totally vouch for the blue one, the copper one, the purple and the dark brown.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. So much for pacing myself . I finished Crazy Rich Asians last night, and ya know…I liked the movie more. (Which is the first time that’s ever happened!)

I still liked the book enough to want to keep going in the series, though, so I started the second book, China Rich Girlfriend, last night.

So, setting a maximum daily chapter limit isn’t working for me…

Also, is anyone else watching the new season of the The Voice? El Hub and I like to watch the blind auditions and the battle rounds, and then once the audience voting starts we basically stop watching the show, which I acknowledge seems weird…but every person I’ve ever thought would make it after the battle rounds never does. It seems to me like “the audience” always wants the same types of singers to win, so I don’t even watch that part of the show anymore… I still love all the stuff that leads up to it, though!

—-> I loved this performance by Kirk Jay. I’ve watched it at least five seven times.

I’d never heard this song before last night, but I love the imagery and the language. Plus, Kirk puts so much emotion into his performance. I hope he gets far.

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