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New Happytime Murders Trailer Doubles Down On The Dirtiness

Set in a world where puppets live alongside humans, albeit with the former considered inferior to the latter, The Happytime Murders follows Melissa McCarthy’s Detective Connie Edwards re-teaming with her ex-partner Phil Phillips to track down the serial killer that murdered Phil’s brother and is now targeting the cast of the 1980s TV show The Happytime Gang. The Happytime Murders‘ human players include Elizabeth Banks as Jenny, a burlesque dancer who used to be on The Happytime Gang; Joel McHale as Agent Campbell, an FBI agent; Maya Rudolph’s Bubbles, Phil’s secretary; and Leslie David Baker as Lieutenant Banning, Connie’s superior, while the puppeteers include Bill Barretta as Phil; Julianne Buescher as Piddles, who Phil has a no-strings relationship with (pun fully intended), Dorien Davies as Sandra, who asks Phil to solve a case for her and Drew Massey as both Goofer, a former Happytime Gang cast member who’s now a prostitute.

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