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Redesigned ‘Space Force’ Logos Let You Vote On Better Ways To Use Trump’s Budget

Screenshot via America Force

US President Trump’s desire to start his own space agency might already be baffling for many, but America truly reached peak 2018 when his administration sent out an email asking supporters to vote for their favorite ‘Space Force’ logo. The priceless reactions to the juvenile-looking designs, though, helped make the past months go down a little easier.

Riding on the back of the proposed logos, an anonymous individual known as ‘slappy__white’ has launched a website called ‘America Force’ that suggests a handful of more productive ways to “spend an intergalactic military budget.”

Here, the ‘Space Force’ logos have been cleverly revamped to campaign for healthcare, clean water, education, and more.

The best part about these spoofs is that the creator has taken unnecessary elements from the original ‘Space Force’ iterations to turn them into details that better illustrate what they should be advocating for.

The yellow ribbon in the red NASA-like version, for instance, becomes a stethoscope to represent healthcare, and the weird triangle in the moon logo is now a book to indicate education.

View the thought-provoking redesigns and vote on your favorite ‘America Force’ logo here.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image via America Force

[via JanksMarc, images via America Force]

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