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  • Isn’t It Romantic Review – CINEMABLEND

    Romantic comedies often get criticized for falling into formulas and tropes, leading most films in the genre to follow familiar patterns....

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com14th February 2019
  • What Men Want Review – CINEMABLEND

    The plot of this movie largely hits the same beats as the original franchise movie, so it’s nothing to write home...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com8th February 2019
  • Velvet Buzzsaw Review – CINEMABLEND

    You can’t be mad at Velvet Buzzsaw, as all involved are clearly talented, and there’s a level of promise in what...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com7th February 2019
  • Alita: Struggle Angel Overview – CINEMABLEND

    If there is any justice in the globe, this won’t be the previous time we are going to see the fight...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com2nd February 2019
  • Miss out on Bala Evaluate – CINEMABLEND

    Its positives at some point outweigh the negatives, and make the new motion picture a satisfactory alternative for a weekend night...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com1st February 2019
  • Chilly Pursuit Review – CINEMABLEND

    Cold Pursuit is a fairly by-the-figures Liam Neeson revenge movie. Liam Neeson is one of the most legendary motion stars presently...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com1st February 2019
  • Serenity Overview – CINEMABLEND

    A film that starts off like a Cinemax late evening thriller, only to slide into 50 % baked territory that only...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com25th January 2019
  • The Upside Review – CINEMABLEND

    It is sad to say it, but you will find really tiny upside to observing The Upside. Hollywood should really go...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com12th January 2019
  • Vice Review – CINEMABLEND

    Vice is vital and important filmmaking, delivered in a unique and incredible way by an exceptional filmmaker. Adam McKay is evolving...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com17th December 2018
  • The Mule Review – CINEMABLEND

    Eastwood shows that he’s still capable of carrying a mildly compelling drama with moderate wrinkles, low stakes, but enough human drama...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com15th December 2018