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  • Vice Review – CINEMABLEND

    Vice is vital and important filmmaking, delivered in a unique and incredible way by an exceptional filmmaker. Adam McKay is evolving...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com17th December 2018
  • The Mule Review – CINEMABLEND

    Eastwood shows that he’s still capable of carrying a mildly compelling drama with moderate wrinkles, low stakes, but enough human drama...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com15th December 2018
  • Mortal Engines Review – CINEMABLEND

    Perhaps Mortal Engines‘ strongest card in its deck of tricks is, again, its world building. The YA genre has been in...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com13th December 2018
  • Mary Poppins Returns Review – CINEMABLEND

    The backbone of the plot is considerably close to the original, making it feel quite close to a remake but since...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com13th December 2018
  • Dumplin’ Review – CINEMABLEND

    Dumplin’ is a bit uneven and its story is underdeveloped as a narrative experience. However, as a journey of personal growth,...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com12th December 2018
  • Aquaman Review – CINEMABLEND

    A fun, exciting, imaginative, occasionally silly but undoubtedly epic adventure that establishes an incredibly rich new cinematic world. Through no real...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com11th December 2018
  • Roma Review – CINEMABLEND

    Be thankful Roma exists. It’s a special masterpiece, from a special, masterful filmmaker. You are, no doubt, familiar with the old...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com5th December 2018
  • Cold War Review – CINEMABLEND

    Pawel Pawlikowski is in love with his characters, his story, and the world he’s built in Cold War, and it shows...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com3rd December 2018
  • A Private War Review – CINEMABLEND

    A Private War tells Marie Colvin’s story, which is just as vital as any conflict that she’d covered, and it does...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com27th November 2018
  • Green Book Review – CINEMABLEND

    It’s exhilarating watching a movie and realizing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the performances on display are locks for...

    Entertainmentfashionislands.com21st November 2018