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Tarte Cosmetics First Step Moisture Reset Cream -Give Skin a Fresh Start1966 Magazine

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Tarte Cosmetics First Step Moisture Reset Cream

Have you tried Tarte Cosmetics First Moisture Reset Cream? Better yet, why should you? Simple, because it is a specially formulated moisturizer with a blend of botanicals; that will give a new boost to your complexion.

Moreover, it can provide the proper base for any makeup application. You see, the smoother and healthier your skin is; the better your makeup will actually look. Think about it like a house sitting on an uneven foundation. Since the surface is bad, the rest of the building going upward will be off. It’s the same with makeup; if things start off great with an amazing foundation/base; the makeup finish will be just as stellar.

Furthermore, most makeup pros, especially those who work runway shows for designers; know that it does not matter how expensive your makeup is. If your skin is dry your makeup will never look as good as it can. Plus, a moisturizer creates a nice barrier that slows down the evaporation of hydration from your skin. Keeping it glowing and youthful looking all day.

Tarte Cosmetics First Step Moisture Reset Cream -Give Skin a Fresh Start

Tarte Cosmetics First Step Moisture Reset Cream

Now that you see why this face cream is useful; what else can it do and is it good for? Well, the Tarte Cosmetics brand had this to say:

“Dry skin? [This product is] step one in your beauty routine; first step prep moisture reset cream. This multi-tasking moisture reset cream leaves skin looking fresh and dewy. And is rich in antioxidants and botanical extracts to help smooth and soften skin!

Whip it real good with vegan, whipped face moisturizer. This moisturizer does all the things — it hydrates skin, preps for primer and makeup application; but never leaves your skin feeling heavy or sticky.”

Ready to give your skin a major reset? This awesome vegan moisturizer is available now for purchase. Each one is currently retailing for $35.

Tarte Cosmetics First Step Moisture Reset Cream

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