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Tattoos over Scars – Here’s what you need to Know

Tattoo over scars has recently become a phenomenon and we give you the breakdown of why it’s so amazing.

Why tattoos over scars are becoming so trendy


To further explain how tattoos over scars are becoming so popular we look at why people are actually getting ink over their scars.

We all carry scars with us. They could be physical or emotional scars and they will be with us forever. Previously people tried to hide scars because they were embarrassed by marks on their bodies. Nowadays, most people are embracing their scars by using it to tell an entire story. This creates a deeper and more meaningful insight of struggles or experiences and it’s incredible!

tattoos over scars

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What you need to know before getting a tattoo over a scar

If you’re considering getting a tattoo over a scar then there are a few things you need to know. First, plan your tattoo and go into your tattoo artist to find out what the final outcome will look like.

It can be a lot more difficult to tattoo over a scar than it would be to tattoo over normal skin. Deep scars can affect the tattoo because the ink might blur over the scar tissue. As a result, this can make the scar more noticeable, causing it to look worst. It’s of utmost importance to go to an experienced tattoo artist who knows what they’re doing so that you can get the perfect tattoo.

tattoos over scars

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An important thing to remember is that after that tattoo has healed over a scar it might not turn out exactly how you would’ve envisioned. This is because the skin’s texture might be uneven.

Lastly, ensure that your scar has fully healed before attempting to get a tattoo. The last thing you’ll want is a severely inflamed and infected tattoo.

How tattoos over scars are done

tattoos over scars

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The overall method is exactly the same as how a normal tattoo is done. The major difference is that the pain will be slightly more than that of a normal tattoo. This might be uncomfortable if you have a low threshold for pain.

Scars hold ink very differently compared to a smooth area of skin. This will mean that the end result might be different. That’s why you should try and choose a design that can easily be manipulated in your scar.

Are tattoos over scars safe to get?

tattoos over scar

They are safe to get if done correctly, however, if you have a scar that’s infected then abstain from getting a tattoo.

Just make sure that the necessary precautions are taken and that you look after the tattoo properly after getting it. Healing might also take a little longer because of the damaged tissue around the area.

How to choose a design

tattoos over scars

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Choosing a design for tattoos over scars are usually really fun. You can go for something crazy or something simpler. This all depends on your personal preference.

If you have a smaller scar than opt for a smaller tattoo and if you have a bigger scar then a larger tattoo will be ideal.

Be creative when choosing a tattoo and if you’re comfortable with your scars, use them to express yourself.

Are they more painful?

tattoos over scars

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To answer the question directly, yes they are more painful. This is because the skin is more sensitive around scar tissue. You definitely will feel more pain than you would compare to a normal tattoo, especially if the tattoo is directly on the scar.


tattoos over scars

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Getting tattoos over scars has its advantages and disadvantages. There might be a possibility that the tattoo might not come out as anticipated and could actually make scars look worse. On the contrary, it could turn out beautifully and you will be left with something amazing.

If you thinking of getting a tattoo over a scar that you have, first consult your tattoo artist and dermatologist. This will make a huge difference because they will be able to examine the area and tell you what to expect.

Remember that you do not have to hide your scars. Being comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself is extremely important. Everyone has imperfections and it’s best to embrace your body, with or without scars.

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