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beccabffs product shot
💖 a bronze glow? Here’s your new #BECCABFFs.

Whenever I see a Kardashian-related makeup product (which is, like, every five seconds, amiright?), I remember that krazy dream I had a few months ago where Kim and I got into a kat fight about jewelry. HA HA HA! Yes, it was nuts. I think of that dream every time I wear the #BECCABFFs collection.

The #BECCABFFs collection is new, LE and available now with two powder palettes, a loose highlighter and four lipsticks. It’s a collab between Khloe Kardashian and her bestie Malika Haqq, and even though I have feeeeeeeelings about the Kardashians…I guess if there were any of them I could remotely relate to, it would probably be Khloe, because she does have that biting sense of humor. And I know this because I marathoned the first two seasons of KUWTK while Connor was a newborn and I was up at all hours feeding her.

beccabffs swatches
I’m an NC42, BTW.
beccabffs k
Wearing the Made With Love by Khloe Palette on my cheeks and eyes, and Cupid’s Bow Lipstick on my lips.

BECCA’s vibe is generally beach-babe-meets-Victoria’s-Secret-runway-model, and they’re consistent about it. They shamelessly embrace warm, bronzed, highlighted skin and glowing lids and lips, and I like that type of makeup, so it doesn’t get tedious for me, but I can see how they could seem like a one-trick pony if it’s not your thing.

At first blush, #BECCABFF’s colors might seem very similar to the colors from previous collections like BECCA X Chrissy (THE BEST), but they really are different. The four warm shades in the Made With Love By Malika Palette ($44), for instance, are deeper and darker versions of BECCA’s usual classic bronze look, and the Made With Love By Khloe Palette (also $44), while still warm, has a surprisingly neutral matte bronzer in it that’s unusual for a BECCA launch.

So, yeah, the differences are subtle, but they’re there.

The packaging’s a little clunky…but the powders themselves perform like Olympic gymnasts. They’re typical BECCA multitaskers, too, so you can wear them on your cheeks, eyes or, heck, all over your face if you want to!

See the marbling? Kinda looks like the Hourglass Ambient blushes and bronzers, right? You get that same lighter-than-air quality with these powders, where you can’t even see the grains on your skin, but they differ in terms of shimmer. The Ambients are known for their subtlety, and subtle these are not. The #BECCABFFS turn up the pearl, so you gotta lean into the glow if you want to go there.

I’m cool with it because the pearl particles are fine, so my pores are like “Coo’, coo’… We can work with this.”

beccabffs packaging

Of the four $24 lipsticks, I’ve only worn the neutrals so far (big surprise).

Few quick things:

  • They taste and smell like brown sugar (it’s not in your face or sugary sweet, though).
  • On the formula spectrum, they’re on the thick and dry side, so the lippies tug a little when you apply them, but I think that extends the wear time. I get between three and four hours.
  • I don’t have any issues with them settling into lip lines, yay!

Last thing: The loose highlighter ($18) has off-the-charts shiny pearl and bronzed gold shimmer, and it’s not my thing, but if you like high-voltage highlights, look no further.

If you’re so inclined, you can find the collection now at Ulta and wherever BECCA products are sold.

Rowing, rowing, rowing…

So…the gym I go to for HIIT classes a couple nights a week just got these really cool rowing machines that are, well, really cool to me because you can move them around and store them upright, so they hardly take up any space, which I’m fascinated by for some reason…

Anyway, in my mind, I see myself as a competitive rower, but when I actually get on a rowing machine, I’m all sorts of awkward.

Yeah…I don’t look anything like these Olympic rowers when I do it.

Limbs are flying all over the place, and my butt is always *this close* to falling off… I think I’m doing some things right, but I’m pretty sure I’m also doing some things wrong, LOL. My HITT teacher told us last night that rowing is about 60% lower body strength and 40% upper body, and the key is to stay upright, push hard with your legs and pull hard with your arms.


I tried to do those things last night, but between trying to concentrate on my technique, and the pressure of the two-minute sprints we were doing, it was just a hot mess. There were several moments when I could’ve used a harness, because I almost fell off the seat!

Needless to say, if you row, or if you’ve rowed in the past and have any tips for me, please pass them along, because I could really use your help.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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