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The Netflix Original "Don’t Watch This" is one of the worst attempts at horror I’ve ever seen and it rightfully deserves its namesake.

"Don't Watch This" is a collection of anthology horror short films that are… bad. Like hilariously bad. Like I first assumed these were written and filmed by a high school student but no. It is written by a professional writer with a full cast and crew. There are 5 episodes in this series and they are all less then 10 minutes. One being a 2 minute clip of random scary things thrown together, [literally like the scene in the office where Gabe show his video at the halloween party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn8IarLVTnM&t=130s.

Another one being a hilarious rendition of a hacker and the dark web. And some more that are at best forgettable, and otherwise just really fucking hilarious/ bizarre. Like there is a 2 minute one of Antoni from Queer Eye that is a parody of American Psycho/ Hannibal. Like why? Who is it for? It's not even funny and I believe its trying to be scary I guess?

I really have no words. I am usually not this critical of shows because I can at least see what the crew was going for but here I am just lost. So give it a watch for a good laugh or stay far away if you love good horror.

Edit: I am dumb and don't really know what namesake means and I have poor grammar in general.

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